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Using Doubt and Disappointment To Your Advantage

By June 4, 2016 No Comments

I wanted to share a strategy that can be very effective in certain situations when meeting women. In my experience, it’s most effective when meeting women during your every day routine rather than at a nightclub but there is no reason why you can’t modify it to make it work in any situation.

Often when a man meets a woman he is interested in he hastily goes for her number right away. Instead of enjoying and being immersed in the actual conversation, he just runs through mechanical conversation and then tries to get her number as soon as possible. It’s very formulaic, predictable and boring. I’m not saying that you need to reinvent the wheel here but the strategy I am about to share with you can be very effective when you have established a solid connection with a woman.

Picture this… You meet a woman at a grocery store. You two start talking about things like dreams, goals, ambitions, fears, and other deep topics. You have her feeling all kinds of different emotions. You have her laughing and hanging on your every word with her undivided attention. And then all of a sudden you say, “well, I gotta run it was nice meeting you”.

This is literally the last thing she expects to hear from a guy who she just spent that much time with. That one line completely communicates your mentality of abundance when it comes to women. In a nutshell it communicates “a quality interaction with a beautiful woman like this is so common that I have no problem not pursuing it further and just enjoying it for what it is in the present moment”.

Realistically, you want to get her number and pursue her further. It’s the logical thing to do when you meet a woman that you have vibe with so well. So the next part needs to be executed carefully. You start walking away, maybe to the next aisle, maybe across the street, or maybe even just 5 steps away from here. Then you turn back and say to her, “Listen, I actually really enjoyed talking with you. Do you want to meet up sometime?”.

So you just took her on an emotional roller coaster of disappointment to extreme happiness and satisfaction. You allowed her to feel the feeling of loss and then presented her with the opportunity to reclaim that loss. Not only does this leave a more memorable impression than just plainly going for the number is also sub-communicates that you are picky and that striking up conversation with beautiful women is common to you.

Regardless, I suggest that you give this a try and see if you can integrate it into your lifestyle. Don’t always feel the need to do this as it might start seeming forced and what not. But give it a whirl and report back if you have any success or adaptations that you have discovered.

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