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The Masqline Commandments

By June 4, 2016 No Comments

Every day, week, month, year I have these experiences that allow me to reflect and grow as a man. Each time I have these revelations, I try and take note of each and jot down the key learning point of each. From this practice, I came up with a concept called The Masqline Commandments. The Masqline Commandments are a set of principles that every man should internalize and live by in his quest to become high-value. It’s a set of beliefs and practices that I have deemed absolutely crucial in dealing with people (women and men alike). Feel free to take from this list and add to it to make it applicable to your situation. If you have any commandments that you feel I have missed out on make sure to leave them in the comments below.

The Masqline Commandments:

1) He will seek to make themselves uncomfortable each and every day, as that is where growth lies.

2) He will never complain about external issues beyond his control.. Instead he will look internally and adjust or improve something that is within his control. Meaningless whining is a unproductive use of energy.

3) He will maintain a level head at all times and will have the mental strength to make sensible decisions regardless of ego.

4) He will never settle for less than you are worth. This applies to the sexual, professional and personal marketplaces.

5) He will vow to reach the ceiling of your masculine potential and will pursue your life vision and purpose relentlessly until your last breath.

6) He will formulate your view based on fact and your morality. You will stick by your values no matter what the situation.

7) He will maintain complete control of his emotions at all times

8) He will dictate his own self-worth, irrelevant of external opinion

9) He will speak his mind at all possible opportunities

10) He will learn how to provide for himself so he will never be held prisoner to the shackles of traditional society

11) He will be lenient with himself. Nobody is perfect. Errors will be made along the way.

12) He will understand and internalize that human connection is our default state

13) He will never accept shame or guilt for his sexuality

14) He will understand that there will always be people better than him and worse than him and he will remain humble at all times

15) He will not allow his emotions to get the best of him; whether self-induced or at the hands of other people