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The Body Language of Attractive Men

By March 16, 2016 No Comments

Here is a quick video I made when I was in Medellin, Colombia. It discusses the importance of body language. Women primarily respond to your vibe as a man as opposed to the content of what you say. You vibe communicates everything about you from how you feel about yourself to your personality. As such, managing your vibe should be of paramount importance.

To build upon the previous point, body language is HUGE when it comes to your attractiveness as a man. Especially when you consider that women are hardwired to detect a man’s confidence in himself through his posture and physical demeanor.

How you stand, how you sit, how you move, how you carry yourself is correlated to your overall appeal to women. To a certain extent, it’s about social dominance. A man who is comfortable with himself and in his environment will communicate this sentiment through his actions.

It’s not just about how much space you take while you sit, either. How do you use your eyes? Are you able to maintain eye contact with an attractive woman until she looks away? Do you squint slightly, while showing her a casual self-amused smile?

Do you walk aimlessly, or do you walk with a purpose?

Do you keep your shoulders back and your back straight, or do you slouch?

This topic is vast enough to warrant its own book. But for the sake of brevity and practicality we have broken attractive body language down into a few actionable steps:

Walk slowly

Men who are not in control of their lives are always in a rush. Control is directly linked to masculinity. How can a woman be attracted to a man who isn’t even in command of simple things, like his daily schedule? Walk slowly. Not like an old man, but you still need to have powerful strides. Just slow the fuck down.


For the love of god, don’t walk around with a goofy smile. The whole “smiling is the best way to meet girls” does work, but at least be coy about it. If you are walking around with a forced smile it’s just going to be awkward as hell. Embrace the smirk.

Hint: pretend like you are going to laugh and then stop yourself about 25% of the way. Your lips can come apart a little bit. This is just enough to convey the “I know that you know” vibe to the girl.

Shoulders back

Shoulders are arguably one of the most important aesthetic features you can have as a man, so start focusing on them in the gym (a topic for another time). For now, pull your shoulders back. Whether you are sitting at a cafe, walking, standing at a bar, whatever… Good shoulder posture communicates confidence and openness, while hunched shoulder posture communicates withdrawal and timidness.

Powerful gestures

Instead of making quick and frantic gestures with your arms, opt for slow and broad movements. These give power and influence to your words.

Slow down your speech

People who are nervous and let their emotions get the best of them lose control of their speech patterns. Controlling the pace of your speech communicates confidence and control.

Have a wide stance

Taking up space is associated with dominance and comfort. Show that you are comfortable with your surroundings by taking up space (even if you aren’t).

Powerful eye contact

Maintain a balance between strong eye contact and aloofness. Gaze into her eyes with a passionate look and then allow your attention to divert elsewhere. It will leave an air of mystery to you and leave her wondering, “why isn’t he interested?”