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How To Ask For A Woman’s Number

By December 19, 2016 No Comments

Most men shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to asking for a woman’s number… They tend to over complicate simple processes with women who are (more often than not) already interested in them.

For the sake of this topic, let’s say you have already been talking with a woman you are interested in for a hypothetical duration of over 5 minutes. You have effectively gotten to know each other, expressed your interest in her and (most importantly) piqued her interest in you as a man.

However, as with most interactions, you can’t hang around for hours on end as both of you have lives to live and things to do. So the most common way to stay in contact with a woman you are interested in is by getting her number.

In order for me to effectively illustrate how to ask for a woman’s number we need to reiterate the values you have sub-communicated to this woman while you were talking to her.

If you have effectively followed all of the advice on The Masqline then she will think:

  • You are bold (not afraid to start a conversation with a woman you find attractive)
  • That you are confident
  • You are a high-value man
  • You are genuine

The reason why it’s important to think about her impression of you is because the way you need to ask for her number needs to be congruent with the characteristics you have presented to her.

For example: if you started the conversation with something bold and impressive and then become all nervous and awkward when asking for her number then she is going to immediately see a disconnect.

Ask yourself what a man who is truly high-value and self-assured in his ways would do when asking for a number?

Here are some things he would NOT do:

  • He would NOT settle for her Facebook or Snapchat
  • He would NOT make up excuses as to why she should give him her number
  • He would NOT call her to make sure the number is real (a grave display of insecurity)

When you truly understand your value as a man, your behaviors communicate that loudly. When a man is not entirely sure of his value and whether or not women are interested in what he has to offer then it is very LOUDLY communicate through subtle words.

A low-value man would say, “if you are interested let’s do something sometime” whereas a high-value man already knows based on his core beliefs that women are interested in him. Therefore he doesn’t need to verbalize the small possibility that she will not be interested in him.

Avoid saying things like:

“If you are interested”
“If you have time”
“Do you want..”

All of these subtly yet loudly imply the possibility of doubt.

There is no special trick when it comes to asking for a woman’s number. It should be a natural process. It does not have to be some big awkward spectacle where you stop talking and stand there awkwardly as she keys in her number.

During the conversation just pull out your phone, go to the add new contact page, add her name, and then just hand her your phone without saying another word. You can continue talking to her about whatever you were talking about before but don’t reference getting her number. Simply assume she is going to give it to you.

If you feel absolutely compelled to say something to her to prompt her giving you her number then just preface it with a “let’s hangout/do something/go out sometime” followed by handing her the phone…

No games, no gimmicks, no cover-ups…

Just pure honesty and you being totally in touch with the value you bring to the table.