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Expanding Your Emotional Comfort Zone

By March 16, 2016 No Comments

We all have experienced situations where we wanted to do something and then failed to act. Don’t allow social pressure to ever inhibit you from acting on your desires. Allow me to elaborate…

99% of men ignore their deepest wants in fear of being judged by other people, whether that be their peers, friends, or even just random ass people at the bar they don’t even know. Most men are petrified of other people’s judgments to the point where they would rather do nothing than risk having someone overhear them. This is what you want to avoid at all costs. The moment you find yourself not doing the things you want to do out of fear of other people’s opinions – you have failed.

Be the man who does the things that other men are afraid to do.

Here is one of my favourite scenes from the movie The Departed. In this situation, most men would freeze up if they saw a beautiful woman get in an elevator. The pressure of the people around them would prevent them from taking action. Watch how Matt Damon practices something we call “intentional blindness” to the people around him and shamelessly acts as if only he and her are in the elevator together. He is making jokes, hitting on her, even holding the elevator doors and making people wait for him to finish his conversation. It’s beautiful really and it’s something you should put into practice in your every day life.

If you see a gorgeous woman you find attractive but she is with her friend you should not hesitate to approach her just because her friend might pass some sort of judgement on you. You need to act in spite of this pressure.

As you begin to do this more and more you will find a few things…

1) People are too self-consumed to give a fuck about you

2) You will get an even more positive reaction from people by doing the things that everyone else is afraid to do

Let me elaborate…

People are too self-consumed to give a fuck about you

People only care about themselves. I guarantee you that you are overemphasizing the importance people place on something they may witness you doing. For example, if someone walking by sees you talking to a girl and getting rejected they might stare and have a chuckle. But I guarantee you not even 30 seconds after that they will go back to thinking about themselves and forget that you even existed in the first place.

Do the things that other men are afraid to do

By doing the things that other men want to do but are afraid to do, you immediately communicate higher value. In fact, almost all of your onlookers will become your fans and commend you on you ability to not give a fuck. Furthermore, the women you approach will be turned and pleasantly surprised by your boldness.

When you keep those two things in mind it will make it easier for you to deal with social pressure and act in spite of it being there.

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