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Best Colognes To Attract Women

By February 5, 2017 No Comments

A lot of people call it a “game” when it comes to attract women. But a game means that you can win… or lose. But what if I were to tell you that you don’t even have to think about winning or losing while you are trying to attract women?

By now you should know that integrating some special behavioral performance rules into your everyday life by changing your mindset truly affects your dating skills.

But despite all these behavioral aspects, as they are already mentioned more into detail in the former articles written by Matt, I am going to tell you now that there is especially ONE non-behavioral factor that changes everything in your dating life.

I call it: the magic essence.

When I see men nowadays trying to improve their dating life, the majority of them focuses on their pick-up lines, the first approach or whatever. The problem: their “standardized” approach to a one special woman may not always apply, since women are individuals and therefore not all of them are the same way susceptible for schema x – and as a logical consequence – they might fail.

But those who do not fail are those who know that the connection between men and women is determined by our oldest and reliable natural instinct: our smell.

As a psychologist, I did a lot of research regarding the fact how our smell can stimulate the other person’s unconsciousness. And I found out that women react differently to different smells. Saying that I mean that in some cases they can’t even think adequately when they smell special nuances which I am going to talk about later on.

For sure, if you suck at your performance skills, if you just don’t how to be masculine, not even the best smell on earth will help you attract women.

But the right smell combined to the masculine performance is some next level shit a lot of men are not aware of. Generally I see a lot of men who don’t even put on fragrances and if they do, it more likely scares women away.

In this article I am going to tell you which fragrances can cause situations, where women due to the provocative aroma just can’t get enough from you.

First of all: Forget about all the advertising about how pheromones will help you to get women. What nobody knows is: they don’t use human pheromones since it is almost impossible to extract them from our body. The ingredients of these pheromone sprays just contain animal pheromones – and as a psychologist I can assure you that these don’t serve at all.

Before we get into what fragrances to buy let’s cover the basics:

How Much Cologne Should You Buy?

Don’t buy more than 50ml.

The longer you have the fragrance in your room, the more likely the nuances will change due to temperature differences.

People buy 150ml and then have the audacity to wonder why it does not smell the same after a year goes by. Also, don’t store it in the bathroom either because as I already said high temperatures kill the aroma.

Where Should You Apply Cologne?

Four out of five men really do not know where to apply the fragrances that they buy. It’s especially frustrating when I see men putting the scent on their clothes. I get crazy when I see that shit. That’s an absolute no-go.

Always apply the scents to your skin BEFORE putting on your clothes. Preferably on areas where the skin is very thin and where the blood pulsates. These are behind your ears, your neck or the wrists. But please don’t rub your wrists against each other – that kills the nuances.

Special tip– I personally discovered two more ways: in the mornings also put 1-2 splashes to your chest and in the evening to your poplit (the back of your knee) – that may sound rare to you but it’s game changing.

How Many Different Colognes Should You Have?

Don’t just have one fragrance.

Our noses usually habituates to a smell after putting on the same fragrances on and on for 3-4 months.

Moreover, you cannot apply the same fragrances in the mornings as you do in the evenings and you should always apply them according to your look and the occasion. For example there are some fragrances, which serve a lot when you go out casually with a leather jacket and some which are perfect if you wanna be more serious like in business occasions.

Which one of them to use, I am going to explain now….

But first I am going to tell you which one not to buy because too many men are using them and so you have the same smell like everyone else.

A lot of you guys might read this and hate me because now I am telling you to throw away classic.

1. Joop – Pour Homme. Never put on this one – its too sweet and too known.

2. Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Male. Classic, but too commercialized. No-no-no-go.

3. Paco Rabanne – One Million. It came out, killed everything, and now you just smell like everybody else.

4. Boss Bottled – Putting this one into the list of No-Go’s even hurts me, but it’s on the market for too many years and its one of the most-sold fragrances of all time, you can imagine what that means.

5. Giorgio Armani – Acua di gio (used to be one of my favorites, but same story as Boss Bottled)

So if you have one of these fragrances in your collection, open the trash can. Sorry.

Now we are getting to the most interesting part.

Which fragrances really can have an impact on your dating life? There aren’t that many people who give you this secret list about the best fragrances since publishing them would mean that everybody else also becomes aware of these genius scents. And when they do, they just make up a list everybody already knows.

In general, I always recommend to have at least 3 different fragrances. One for casual days (sports, school, university), one for night-outs (restaurants, clubs) and one for business occasions whenever you have a suit or a nice shirt on (job, wedding).

In all of these cases you are going to meet women – and all of the perfumes I will present will help you to attract the attention of everyone who is close to you.

I have been heavily researching fragrances for the past 14 years. My nose can distinguish and recognize 53 different fragrances. So you definitely should trust me in this area.

The best fragrances for night outs are the following (starting with my absolute favorite)..

1. Yves Saint Laurent – La nuit de l’homme (Eau de Parfum)

This fragrances just has changed my dating life. Whenever I put that one on, girls won’t stop hugging me since they kinda get stuck at my neck.

La Nuit By Yves St Laurent
2. Another one which is has game changing nuances is Dior – Sauvage. This one definitely makes you being one of those guys making women say things like: “Whoever that was, I need to get to know him.”

3. Tom Ford has a unique fragrance nobody really talks about. You might have never heard about it before because guys who use this one also want to be unique and so they won’t tell others what they put one: Tom Ford – Noir Extreme. Just go to the next store and try it. You’re gonna feel me.


The best fragrances for casual days are following:

Fragrance #1: Joop – Nightflight

You can get this one for a very low price and you will see what this one makes with people around you. It makes you appear very fresh and clean. A lot of men will ask if you can tell them which fragrance you use.


Fragrance #2: Nikos – Sculpture Homme

There is another fragrance which is not that famous and especially that’s the good thing about it. The name is: Nikos – Sculpture Homme. I personally can say that this one causes something in women’s heads which makes them think about sex. It has a lot of sex appeal.


Fragrance #3: Chanel Allure Homme Sport – Eau Extrême

You remember these girls who text you: “My bed still smells like you. I miss you”?

When you have this special fragrance by Chanel they won’t only miss you but also the next time you arrive they will be very aroused and all over you since they were reminded of you during you absence. It’s Chanel Allure Homme Sport – Eau Extrême.

Women just love it.


Now we are getting to the most interesting category…


Why I consider this category to be interesting is because business is associated with success. And success means sexy. And sexy means… I think you get the point.

Fragrance #1: Bond no. 9 – Wall Street

If success was a scent then the following fragrance definitely would be the personification of success: Bond no. 9 – Wall Street. Yet there is no rational explanation why especially this scent makes you look like a successful guy. But sometimes it is better not to be able to explain something rationally since we all know that irrational actions are more severe than rational. Research proves that is one has a mind changing effect on human beings.


Fragrance #2: Creed – Aventus

Another fragrance which has one of the most unique scents my well-educated nose has ever smelled is Creed – Aventus. Just a few people know about it. And those who know it call it “the self-esteem boost”. A friend used to say: “You just can’t lose with Aventus.” He’s a collector and has more than 300 bottles – he knows what he is talking about.


Fragrance #3: Tom Ford – Black Orchid

Last but not least there is one that is called: Tom Ford – Black Orchid.

As soon as you apply this one on your skin, things change. In combination with a nice suit this fragrance makes you always look like a winner.

And who doesn’t want to be a winner, right?


There are some others I also recommend which I couldn’t categorize but you might also wanna write these ones down too:

  • Chanel Bleu
  • Dior Homme Sport
  • Azzaro Chrome
  • Burberry London
  • Givenchy Pi
  • Victor & Rolf – Spicebomb
  • Atkinsons – Safe the kind
  • And last but not least… Amouage – Reflection.

I always recommend to get each one fragrance from each category.

So with that being said I have come up with my top two combinations…

Combination #1:

Yves Saint Laurent – La Nuit de L’Homme + Chanel Allure Homme Sport + Aventus by Creed

Combination #2:

Dior Sauvage + Sculpture + Tom Ford Black Orchid

You might not like all of them, that’s why I gave you a bit of variation in my recommendations. I would suggest that you go out today or this weekend and try them for yourself.

I hope this was helpful for you and you actually take action to improving this aspect of your presence as a man.

Enjoy, gentlemen. Now you got the magic key.