How To Ask For A Woman’s Number

Most men shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to asking for a woman’s number… They tend to over complicate simple processes with women who are (more often [...]

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How To Get Over An Ex-Girlfriend

Getting over exes can be a tricky and unpleasant subject for many men. But the good news is it doesn’t have to be. First you may want to read out in-depth guide on whether or [...]

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Is She Actually As Good As You Think She Is?

99% of the questions I receive related to women and dating have something to do with a man being hyper-fixated on a particular woman to the point where it becomes an [...]

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confidence hacking blueprint

The Masqline Commandments

Every day, week, month, year I have these experiences that allow me to reflect and grow as a man. Each time I have these revelations, I try and take note of each and jot down [...]

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Expanding Your Emotional Comfort Zone

We all have experienced situations where we wanted to do something and then failed to act. Don’t allow social pressure to ever inhibit you from acting on your desires. [...]

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Travel Hack: Booking a Temporary Return Ticket

Long story short; book a temporary return ticket with FlyOnward and save yourself a world of hassle. It took me less than 5 minutes to complete the entire process. I selected [...]

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